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Guardianship: Protecting the Lives of Children

By Seidner & Virdone  Apr. 25, 2011 4:15p

Many children are raised in difficult home environments and somehow come out unscathed; however, there are others who live in not just difficult homes, but downright dangerous ones. These are the children who struggle just to survive.They may be in an environment where one or even both parents are physically abusive, often a result of a drug or alcohol abuse problems. Mental abuse inflicted on a child can be just as devastating as well as general neglect. In cases like this, some parents are not fit or responsible enough to be raising children and guardianship is the next best thing. Having someone who cares about the child's welfare will be that child's saving grace and could literally save his or her  life.

Who can be a guardian?

If you are an adult and can properly care for a child, you can request to be a legal guardian. You might be a grandparent, a friend or other relative to the child. If you have a criminal record, this may make it more difficult and depending upon the circumstances, could eliminate your ability to be a guardian. In order for you to become a legal guardian, you will need to give proof that an "extraordinary circumstance" exists such as the child is being  physically or sexually abused, abandoned, neglected, the parents have drug or alcohol problems and so forth. The court will make a decision based upon what they think is in the best interests of the child.

Is guardianship permanent?

A person who has been granted guardianship can only become a permanent guardian if both of the child's parents have died or if their parental rights have been terminated. Once an individual is granted permanent guardianship status, he or she would then be able to ask to adopt the child as well. If you are in the Nassau County area and wish to seek guardianship for a child, you should contact a Nassau County family law attorney for help.

At Seidner & Virdone, we are experienced in these legal matters and will work with you to help protect the well being of the child concerned. We represent clients in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens and offer free consultations to go over details and answer any questions you may have. Don't wait too long if you feel a child is in danger, it's crucial to take preventative action quickly. 

Contact a Nassau County guardianship lawyer in our office to arrange a free consultation today.

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