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A Fathers Rights in NY State

By Seidner & Virdone  Nov. 3, 2010 9:33a

In years past, mothers were traditionally awarded custody in a divorce. Mothers were the homemakers and the main care providers for their children and the fathers were the breadwinners. In today's day and age, it is becoming more common to see "stay at home dads" or two income households wherein both parents share in the household duties and the childrearing responsibilities alike. The changing of the times necessitates the family laws to mold and adapt accordingly.

A father's role in his child's life is extremely important. The courts across the states have recognized the fact that it is in the child's best interests to have two parents playing an active role in his or her life. Children thrive off of the love, nurturing and care provided by both parents, especially in a divorce. Statistics show that children of divorce who don't have a relationship with their father are more likely to engage in alcohol, smoking, drugs and criminal activities. Girls who don't have a relationship with their father are more inclined to seek friendship and acceptance from other male figures, often times in a manner that leads to the detriment of the young girl.

Why Hire an Attorney?

New York State does recognize the importance of a father's rights; however it does operate in a more traditional fashion. The NY courts are known to typically award custody to a mother; however they will take into consideration what is in the best interests of the child. Any father who is getting a divorce, who has children with his spouse should get legal representation from a skilled Nassau County father's rights attorney. At Seidner & Virdone, LLP we have helped many father get sole custody of their children and in cases where it wasn't possible, we have helped them achieve a successful visitation agreement so they were able to maintain a healthy relationship with their children. 

Contact a Nassau County Father's Rights Lawyer at our firm today for a free consultation if you are getting a divorce and have children.

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