The Reynolds Law Firm, LLC Articles How Your Property is Divided in a Missouri Divorce

How Your Property is Divided in a Missouri Divorce

By The Reynolds Law Firm, LLC  May. 31, 2013 5:08p

The state of Missouri adheres to the legal rule of "equitable distribution" when it comes to divorce. This means that your marital assets and property will be divided as fairly and reasonably as possible. It does not mean that a straight 50-50 distribution will occur as in a community property state. If you and your spouse cannot agree on how to divide marital property in a divorce agreement, your case will be decided by the courts based on the evidence presented by both sides. The courts cannot divide separate property, which is any property or asset which belongs to only one of the spouses. This property could be something purchased or owned prior to the marriage or an inheritance or gift given in one spouse's name only during the marriage. If the spouses legally separate prior to a divorce, any property either of them acquires after the separation is also considered to be non-marital property.

Commingling non-marital property with marital property during the marriage can complicate the issue of property division in a divorce. In such cases, the courts will use a formula to decide how such property and assets will be distributed between the spouses. Overall, Missouri courts will use many factors to determine the issue of how property will be divided, including such factors as how the divorce will affect each spouse's economic circumstances, what each spouse contributed to the marriage, how child custody and living arrangements will affect each spouse's finances, the conduct of each spouse during the marriage, and more.

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