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Extremely Troubled Marriage ends in Fatal Domestic Dispute

The 11-year marriage between a Queens couple came to a tragic end recently when 34-year-old M.S. was killed and his wife, 51 years old, was arrested for murder.

Parties of High Profile Divorce Hope for Amicable Settlement

The divorce between Lauren and Andrew Silverman became highly publicized when rumors began circulating several weeks ago concerning Lauren being pregnant with Simon Cowell’s first child.

Understanding the Marriage Equality Act

A Long Island family law firm provides valuable information on the Marriage Equality Act of 2011. Continue reading to learn more.

Mother Charged with DUI Involving Children

Police were called to a car collision repair shop just after reports were made that the driver had been driving while intoxicated with two young children in the car. The driver, a Long Island woman, ...

Putting a Stop to Parental Alienation

Many of those going through a divorce involving children may have heard of “parental alienation.” This is the term used to describe an instance where the child or children of two former spouses ...

Divorced Man Under Criminal Investigation

The recent divorce settlement granted to a New York couple is the least of the worries facing the husband, who has come under fire in an alleged extortion case.

Divorced Couples Must Sell House

After a long running attempt to get divorced, which was first initiated in 2005, a couple has been granted their no-fault divorce thanks to a recent change in New York law.

Uncontested Divorce Information

Divorce is never an easy subject to bring up, and can be a difficult and extended process on top of an already stressful situation.

Information on Divorce Mediation

When a marriage ends, one of the most beneficial ways to go through the legal process is through divorce mediation.

Domestic Partnerships

The state of New York does not allow same-sex couples to legally marry, so gay and lesbian couples opt for a domestic partnership agreement, which can afford them legal protection for their children, ...

Equitable Distribution in Divorce

When a marriage ends with a divorce there are many factors that must be considered legally as each spouse goes their separate ways.
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