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What to Do if You or Your Spouse Need to Relocate

By The Law Office of Andrew Farley, LLC  Jun. 5, 2013 3:30p

When a married couple with children together gets divorced, the relationship does not end with the finalized divorce agreement. While the two parties are no longer spouses, they of course are still parents and will have to work together to whatever degree in bringing up their children. Agreements are settled concerning property division, child custody, visitation, child support, etc. at the time of the divorce but these agreements may require modification later on. One common modification to court orders is a relocation issue. Every case is different so it is important to begin working with a skilled divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Relocation, or "move away" cases as they are often called, involves any circumstances where one parent needs to move a substantial distance away. Whether this relocation is due to a new job, remarriage, economic reasons or simply a personal desire, that move must be approved by the courts because of the strain it can place on one or both parent's relationship with their children. New custody and support agreements may be in order if a parent wants to move. Additionally, one parent may be able to prevent a relocation if it is being made by the parent with primary custody. A divorce lawyer can help by fighting for your parental rights and doing everything possible to preserve your ability to spend time with your children. The courts always make the best interests of the child or children involved the primary concern in such cases so a skilled attorney must be able to effectively argue and present evidence that shows that a move is not beneficial to the children. Likewise, if you are the custodial parent and need to make a move that will benefit your family then you need your side heard by the judge.

Lexington Divorce Lawyer for Relocation Cases

Contact me at the Law Office of Andrew Farley today if you have questions concerning your rights in a move away case. I have successfully represented clients in even the most complex of divorce cases involving relocation, modification to court orders, child custody, visitation, spousal support, child custody, paternity, property division and more. Whether you have primary custody, share joint custody or just have visitation rights, it is vital that you have a legal professional working for you to get your goals achieved. I am dedicated to getting the best outcome possible in every case I take on.

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