The Hunter Law Group Articles Enforcing a Divorce Agreement in California

Enforcing a Divorce Agreement in California

By The Hunter Law Group  Jun. 4, 2013 12:59p

Once a California divorce has been finalized through the courts with an agreement, the divorced parties must comply with the terms of the agreement. Often, this doesn't happen. A custodial mother may refuse child visitation rights in a scheduled visit of the child with the non-custodial father. A father may be late or refuse to return a child to the mother. A father may also get behind or be unable to continue child support payments or a husband may decide he can no longer advance spousal support payments to his ex-wife. Arguments and disagreements may erupt over other matters pertaining to shared children, such as those concerning school vacations, holidays, educational or extra-curricular needs, how to communicate with children or with one another, and more. These are all matters which may violate the court-ordered agreement or may cause legal problems between the discordant parties.

Various legal remedies may be sought on the part of one spouse to rectify the situation. This is especially important in matters involving child support due to the fact that both parents are legally responsible for providing necessary financial support for their children. Thus, a parent who violates divorce terms in regards to child custody, child support, spousal support, or other written terms of a divorce or parenting plan may find themselves slapped with contempt of court. This can result in jail time and / or fines until the matter is resolved to the court's satisfaction. Enforcement of child support can be executed through other means as well, such as through wage garnishment, the seizure and sale of assets, and more.

Divorce and Family Law Firm in Mission Viejo, California

Everyone knows that divorce can be one of the most disruptive and difficult processes in life, for both parents and children. Getting all of the information, support, and help you need to navigate this transition will make it that much less painful and stressful. The Hunter Law Group, located in Mission Viejo and serving Orange County and the surrounding areas, is dedicated to finding solutions for clients facing the difficult issues stemming from divorce and family law matters. Founding attorney Dan Hunter has 13 years of experience handling all kinds of divorce and other family issues in the local courts.

Besides litigation in the courts, the firm offers mediation services which can help you obtain agreements between you and your spouse outside of the courtroom. Premarital and postnuptial agreements, paternity, legal separation, grandparents' rights, and restraining orders are other legal matters which can also be addressed through the firm. To learn more about the legal factors involved in your divorce or family issue, contact the firm to schedule a confidential consultation at your earliest convenience.

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