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A Guide to Selecting a Divorce Attorney

Jun. 19, 2013 2:17p

Divorce, just like any other life decisions should be handled following all the laws of the land to avoid serious penalties and further complications. In order to come up with the best decisions that will not complicate the matter, a divorce attorney is recommended. This is the only expect you should rely on to assist you in carrying out the entire divorce process smoothly. When it comes to selecting a divorce attorney, one thing you should keep in mind is that a divorce attorney can either assist you through the entire process, or partly assist you handle the critical matters. This means that if the both parties agree to confidently draft the basic agreements together, a divorce attorney will only be required to handle the difficult parts of the divorce.

A great step towards finding a good attorney is consulting friends who have gone through the same process. This way, you can possibly locate a lawyer whom you will be comfortable with. However there are factors you should put into consideration before you hire an attorney.

1. Personal needs
If you decide to look for a divorce attorney you must be ready to share your personal details with the attorney. Some of the personal details you must be prepared to share is your marriage life and of course your finances. Therefore, selecting a divorce attorney who you feel comfortable to share such information with is extremely important. The attorney should also be able to evaluate your attitude towards the divorce and offer you the best support where necessary. Many attorneys are very serious when it comes to time management. Therefore, make sure you adhere to all the agreements in order to safe time.

Once a decision has been made on the right attorney to hire, prepare for a meeting with the divorce attorney. Actually, the attorney will contact you and schedule an appointment. Your first meeting will be solely meant for initial consultation. During such meeting you should be ready to outline all the basic issues concerning your divorce. Some of the basic issues you may want to highlight during this meeting include the overview of all the assets you own and information about child custody issues if any.

You should also find out the main strategies the attorney is going to employ on your case. You should feel free to ask your attorney about his or her experience in handling such divorce cases. The first meeting with your lawyer should give a clear insight on how your divorce is going to be handled. Make sure you are comfortable with the recommended course of action.

2. The Total Cost
The total cost for the service will depend on your personal budget. If you do not have enough money to meet the costs of a seasoned professional attorney to handle your case, selecting a divorce attorney who is relatively cheaper is the only option. New attorneys may not charge the same as seasoned professionals. Even though divorce attorneys with less experience may not be expensive, they will definitely work hard to build their reputation. Actually, legal fees applicable for selecting a divorce attorney will vary depending on the attorney's experience and your geographic location.

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