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Can Divorce “Infect” Your Marriage?

After conducting a study on a variety of social behaviors, including divorce, several experienced sociologists with major US institutions believe that groups of people can be infected with behaviors ...

Divorce Mediation Benefits

There are many benefits to utilizing a mediator when you are involved in a divorce.

Equitable Distribution of Property and Assets

Property division is a complex process involving many different situations and circumstances that can completely change the outcome.

Divorce Made Simple

Divorce has long carried a negative stigma about how long it can take and how much it can cost, however, for some couples; this is not necessarily the case.

Contempt of Court and Enforcement

Contempt of court is an act of deliberate disobedience or disregard of the laws or regulations of a public authority such as a court legislative body. In family law, contempt of court typically refers ...

Compassionate Approach to Family Law

Due to the emotions and sensitive issues connected to the field of family law, it requires not only a broad understanding of the many different laws involved in the field, but also a caring and ...
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