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Alimony Reform Pushed in New Jersey

By Moskowitz Law Group  Jul. 3, 2013 1:46p

Those who wish to change New Jersey alimony laws are pushing legislation which has bipartisan support in the state. Their aim is to end the current concept which allows for permanent alimony which many consider to be unfair, saddling them with payments they cannot afford even into their retirement years. The proposed legislation would limit the amount and the duration of alimony payments which would be based on how long the marriage lasted. In marriages that lasted up to five years, alimony payments would extend for approximately half the length of the marriage. In marriages that lasted up to 20 years, the payments would extend for increasingly longer times, up to 16 years. In marriages that had endured beyond 20 years, an indefinite time period could be ordered by a judge. Payments would not exceed 35 percent of the payer's income and would end when the payer reached retirement or if the payer could prove to the court that the supported ex-spouse was living with someone else.

The reform is being pushed by the advocacy group called New Jersey Alimony Reform. The proposed reform legislation mirrors a similar law that was recently passed in Massachusetts. Similar legislation was also recently passed by both legislative houses in Florida but was later vetoed by Florida's governor. Other states that are looking at comparable alimony reform legislation are Connecticut, Colorado, and Oregon. In New Jersey, alimony reform bills have been introduced in both the Senate and the Assembly. The reform movement has been spurred by the stories of many ex-spouses who feel they have been abused by the current system.

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Alimony is just one issue in a New Jersey divorce that can have long-lasting effects on the people involved. Other issues as well can be difficult, contentious, and stressful, such as how marital property and debts will be divided as well as child custody and visitation. Getting through these issues in order to finalize a divorce is best done with the legal guidance and representation of a qualified attorney who practices divorce and family law in the local courts.

Moskowitz Law Group, LLC is such a firm that serves clients in and around Bergen County. The legal team has more than 22 years of experience in its practice area and has guided countless individuals through the divorce process. Lead attorney Moskowitz has achieved an "Excellent" rating by Avvo due to her competence as a legal professional. Her associate has been recognized as a New Jersey Rising Star by Super Lawyers. To learn more about the legal factors involved in your divorce or family law issue and how the firm can help you, contact their offices to schedule a free, initial consultation. You can also visit their video center on their website at

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