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Study Shows Effects of Alcohol on Divorce

By Masella Law Firm, P.A.  Mar. 21, 2013 2:00p

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has published a study on the effects of drinking alcohol in divorce. The study involved information collected from close to 20,000 married couples in Norway. According to its results, the amount of alcohol that couples consume has an effect of the likelihood of a divorce, especially when it is the wife who is the heavy drinker. Couples who drank approximately the same amount of alcohol overall had a less likely risk of divorce. Couples where the wife drank much more than the husband had a divorce rate of 26.8 percent. This rate decreased to 13.1 percent when it was the husband who was the heavy drinker.

Where both parties were heavy drinkers, the divorce rate was 17.2 percent. The divorce rate was lowest in couples who were both light drinkers, at 5.8 percent. Researchers looking for a reason as to why a wife's heavier drinking than her husband's would more likely lead to divorce surmised that it may be because alcohol affects women more than men, which can lead to impairment and risk and that heavy drinking in women is seen in a less socially acceptable light. Heavy drinking in men is generally more socially acceptable and viewed as less of an emotional or other problem. Researchers asserted that those couples who are about to marry should take note of the general drinking level of their soon-to-be spouses as an indicator of what the future may bring.

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Many reasons cause marriages to fail, including both drug and alcohol abuse and other behaviors. Whatever the reasons, those considering a divorce will face many difficult issues and tough decisions which will have to be resolved in order to legally end the marriage. These issues include child custody, alimony, the division of marital property and debts, and more. Getting competent and caring advice from an attorney who concentrates on family law and divorce in your local area can help make the process easier.

Masella Law Firm, P.A. has been practicing divorce and family law in the Columbia area for a quarter of century. Throughout those years, it has helped innumerable individuals find the answers they need to handle the specifics of their divorce, whether it is a contested divorce involving complicated finances and / or children or an uncontested divorce. A divorce lawyer at the firm can provide the skilled legal guidance you need to get through the legal process with less strain and greater efficiency. Contact the firm to schedule an appointment with a dedicated attorney to get started with your divorce or other family law matter today.

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