Hutchinson Law Articles Understanding the Equitable Distribution of Assets

Understanding the Equitable Distribution of Assets

By Hutchinson Law  Mar. 4, 2011 2:10p

In Florida if you are involved in a divorce, your assets and property will be distributed in an equitable manner. The equitable distribution of your assets will basically mean that when you divorce, the assets acquired during the course of the marriage will be divided in a fair and equitable manner between the spouses in as even a manner as possible. Certain factors may affect how equal this is, which may make it more "equitable" than actually "equal." These factors can include child support and custody, contributions of each spouse to the marriage and the financial situation of each spouse. When you are involved in a divorce it is important to have your legal rights protected. A Jacksonville divorce attorney can guide you through the divorce process to ensure that your rights are protected and to help the distribution occur in a manner that is beneficial to you.

When you get divorced, your property and assets are first identified as either personal property or joint property. Separate property will go to the individual spouse, while marital or joint property will be subject to equitable distribution. The factors that will determine how the marital assets are distributed include the contributions of each spouse to the marriage such as childcare, actual contributions to the household and well being of the family, and the contributions as a homemaker. Other factors include the length of the marriage, and contributions to the assets and debts of the marriage.

Jacksonville Divorce Attorney

If you are involved in a divorce and are concerned about the equitable distribution process you will need skilled legal aid for your case. By working diligently to identify your personal property and assets as well as negotiating for marital assets you can improve the chances that your case will proceed smoothly for both you and your spouse. At Hutchinson Law, the legal team is dedicated to helping those who are involved in a divorce.

Contact a Jacksonville divorce lawyer at the firm today when you are in need of legal aid to protect your assets.

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