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Filing for Divorce in Las Vegas?

By Gordon Law Offices   Nov. 22, 2010 2:53p

Whenever one or both spouses in a marriage have decided to file for divorce, there are many different factors that come into the picture. Decisions about child custody, child support, alimonyvisitation and property and debt division all must be made by either the spouses, or argued in a court of law in which a judge decides how the division is laid out. These decisions can become extremely tedious as every aspect of both the marriage and each spouse's individual assets and properties all must be factored into the overall equation to determine a fair distribution of assets. It is highly advisable to seek legal guidance from a Las Vegas divorce lawyer if you are involved in a divorce, because they can assist you with the process and ensure you are treated fairly.

In Nevada there are two different types of divorce, which are an uncontested divorce and a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is loosely defined as a situation where both spouses in the marriage are able to agree on all terms of the divorce without the involvement of judicial intervention. This is the preferable alternative due to the fact that the spouses alone are given the ability to decide every aspect of the terms of their divorce. A contested divorce is a situation in which the spouses cannot come to agreeable terms together, and so must ask a judge to decide the terms for them. This results in extensive research of the marital finances and can be a lengthy and expensive process.

Divorce Lawyer in Las Vegas

No matter if your divorce is contested or uncontested, your rights and property need to be well protected by the law. The laws regarding divorce can be confusing, so finding an experienced, dedicated divorce attorney to help you should be a serious priority. At the Gordon Law Offices we understand that even though this is a rough and emotional time for you, there is a way to at least ease some of the stress involved with divorce. We can help you make your case, file your divorce and divorce terms correctly and present the best possible opportunity to having your divorce end on the most amicable and fair note possible.

Contact a Las Vegas Divorce Attorney at our law firm today if you are involved with a divorce.

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