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Child Custody Issues in Nevada Divorces

By Gordon Law Offices  Mar. 13, 2013 10:00a

The issue of child custody is often one that can be hotly contested between divorcing parents and even parents who have long since been divorced. In Nevada, courts often favor joint custody, wherein both parents have physical custody of children. This type of custody is ordered in an attempt to ensure a continuing and frequent relationship with both parents for the child. This type of custody, however, can be fraught with problems when the parents involved harbor hostility towards one another. Joint custody will often demand frequent contact between such parents to keep logistics and arrangements going. Where these parents cannot cooperate, children can become caught in the middle.

Another problem with joint custody per experts is that sometimes this type of custody is sought as a way to lower child support payments which may not be what is best for the child. An additional problem can occur when a parent insists on a 50/50 arrangement which cannot easily be sustained. Such arrangements require substantial logistical work and can often lead to problems due to work schedules, school schedules, illness, injury, extra-curricular activities, and other activities. Thus, rigid schedules and insistence on time spent with a child may not be in the child's best interest or the parent's. Flexibility is often key in such custody arrangements, especially as children mature, parents remarry, and other circumstances in everyone's lives change.

Divorce and Custody Lawyer in Las Vegas

A divorce involving children will necessitate an agreement on child custody, support, and visitation matters. Even years after a divorce has been finalized, the issue of child custody may need to be revisited when a substantial change in the circumstances of either parent occurs. Both of these situations require court approval, thus legal counsel is needed to ensure that your interests in the matter are fully represented.

Gordon Law Offices, a divorce and family law firm serving the Las Vegas area, offers experienced and dedicated legal service for clients facing these often emotionally-charged issues. The firm has over 50 years of experience in Nevada divorce and family law and offers a free consultation to help you get started with your custody, divorce, or other family law issue. Ensure that your legal rights are fully protected in an issue that can affect you for many years to come by contacting a firm that has been resolving such matters for decades.

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