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The Advantages of Divorce Mediation

By Divorce Help Center   Dec. 13, 2010 7:38p

The first question you may be asking yourself is: What is a divorce mediation and how does it differ from a regular divorce? The mediation process is more "user friendly" and takes the approach of cooperative effort and problem solving with the assistance of a neutral trained professional mediator. The mediator gives each partner the opportunity to be heard and work out options to the various subjects that need to be addressed in a divorce. This can include the details of spousal and child support, division of property, assets and debts, child visitation plans and so forth.

The mediator, because of his or her broad range of experience in divorce, is able to present you with options and advantages that you may not have considered for the resolution of different issues. Divorce mediation also enables you to have more control over the divorce resolution process and in many cases, sidesteps the legal warfare approach that can cause more harm than good to spouses as well as any children. The idea is to come to equitable and fair balances for each party's interests and avoid compromises that are unnecessary or estranging.

The Process

The process takes place in a private setting and is far less in cost than going through the normal divorce process in the courts. It may take several meetings and once the resolutions have been reached on the various issues, the paperwork is prepared and submitted to the court for dissolution of the marriage. Even if you have already obtained a divorce decree and some changes need to be made, a mediation can help get the needed changes put into place.

If you are in the Denver or surrounding area and are considering divorce or need to modify one that has already taken place, help can be obtained from a Colorado divorce mediation attorney. At the Mediation Partners & Divorce Help Center, we can help you come to specific agreements regarding the different areas that will need to be addressed in the divorce and  thereby save you money as well as the stress of litigation in a courtroom.  We handle both small and large asset cases, marriages of short or long term and marriages that involve children or those with none.

Contact a Denver Divorce Mediation Lawyer in our office to set up a free consultation and we will go over the details of your divorce.

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