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Why You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

By Cutter & Lax  Nov. 26, 2013 6:12p

Cohabitation between heterosexual and same-sex partners is a common phenomenon in the state of California. Many people live together as a prelude to marriage. Others may not wish to formally tie the knot or may be prevented from doing so for many reasons. Whatever the circumstances, those who live together as intimate partners may consider themselves to be united in an emotional as well as a financial partnership. Without making this a binding relationship through legal documentation, however, they may find themselves at a distinct disadvantage before the law should their relationship end through death or a breakup.

Should the relationship end due to the death of either party, the surviving partner may not be granted the benefits that he or she would otherwise be allowed if married. These benefits can include retirement or pension benefits, child support, or Social Security benefits. Should the relationship end due to a breakup, one or the other may not receive the benefit of a fair and just division of property or spousal support. To avoid such problems, those who choose to cohabit in lieu of marriage should discuss how to protect themselves with legal benefits documented through a cohabitation agreement. This is a written contract that you will sign which delineates your rights and obligations concerning separate and joint property, other assets, and general agreements concerning financial matters.

Family Lawyer in Encino, California

If you need legal assistance in understanding and creating a cohabitation agreement, you should consult with a law firm that focuses on such agreements in your local area. You will want to take advantage of legal counsel that will ensure your future financial security. You will also want to ensure that your legal agreement is valid, proper, and will stand up in court. You may have many questions and concerns which require specific legal knowledge which only a family law professional may understand.

At Cutter & Lax, Attorneys at Law, we understand the needs of those facing such family law matters. Our firm has been practicing divorce and family for more than 20 years and has handled all types of legal issues in this field of law, from the simplest to the most complex. Serving clients throughout the San Fernando Valley, we pride ourselves on the professionalism, compassion, and care we provide to family law matters, which can be delicate, confusing, and emotionally-charged. Get the advice and guidance you need from a law firm that you can trust to represent your best interests. Contact our firm to arrange to speak with an experienced family law attorney today.

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