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Paternity Cases in Florida

Parents who are married when their child is born are not required to do anything to prove the paternity of the father.

Grounds for Divorce in Florida

Divorce in Florida is legally called dissolution of marriage.

Why Hire a Florida Board-Certified Divorce Expert?

Knowing who to trust with your divorce or other family law matter can be difficult.

The Financial Side of Divorce

Once you decide to get a divorce in Florida, you and your spouse will be required to provide mandatory disclosures to the court regarding your finances.

Divorcing a Missing Spouse in Florida

As a Florida resident, you want to divorce your spouse. Perhaps you have been separated for quite some time and, at this point, you don’t even know where he or she lives.

The 50 Mile Relocation Rule in Florida Divorce

If you and your spouse have been divorced in Florida, you are subject to the 50-mile rule when it comes to relocating your children.

Marital Property Division in Florida Divorce

What is involved in dividing and distributing marital property when you go through a divorce in Florida?

Parenting Plans in Florida Divorce

Since 2008, the language and thus the concepts regarding the issue of child custody in a Florida divorce have changed.
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