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The Benefits of Having a Prenuptial Agreement

By Brian D. Perskin & Associates, P.C.  Jan. 31, 2011 3:21p

For those couples who like to plan well and be open and honest with each other from day one before getting married, having a prenuptial agreement (also referred to as a prenup) drawn up is of great benefit. It can save you time and trouble if things should not work out somewhere down the road or even in the case of one partner's death.

Benefits of a Prenuptial

Having the security of a legal agreement in place is one of the main benefits of a prenuptial. Details are worked out in the agreement covering topics like property distribution, child custody, spousal support and more. You should focus on creating an agreement that is comprehensive and one that addresses your most important concerns. Following are some of the main benefits you can attain from a prenuptial agreement:

  • If one of or both of you have property that you want to keep separate, a prenup will clarify the specifics on this as well as any property you want to keep together
  • A prenup will help you prevent conflicts in the event of divorce and save you money as the agreements are already laid out
  • Clarification can be given to special agreements
  • Child support and custody issues can be agreed upon
  • A prenup can help support your estate planning
  • It can help you with the establishment of guidelines for working out any matters which could arise in the future

Communicating openly and honestly about a marriage ahead of time can actually strengthen a relationship and the transparency provides more of an understanding and solid foundation between the couple. Things do sometimes change and in the event that the relationship does not work out or one of you passes away, you will have agreements already in place. Peace of mind is of great benefit all in itself.

Seek Competent Legal Help

If you are in the Brooklyn or surrounding area, and are considering having a prenuptial agreement drawn up before you get married, you need to consult with a Brooklyn attorney to help you. At Brian D. Perskin & Associates, P.C., we have extensive experience in family law matters. Our client success is abundant and we have many testimonials that support this fact. Our professional team is dedicated, skilled and hardworking and our goal is to provide our clients with the most favorable results possible in their individual family law matter.

Contact a Brooklyn Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in our office for a free consultation and we will answer any questions you may have.

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