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Juvenile Delinquency Cases in New York

By Brian D. Perskin & Associates, P.C.  Feb. 21, 2012 4:23p

In the state of New York, if a child between the ages of 7 and 16 commits an act which would be considered criminal as an adult, his or her case is handled in Family Court. Such an act is labeled a “delinquent act,” which results in the need for supervision, treatment, or detention. Such acts can include vandalism, shoplifting, drug possession, underage DUI, motor vehicle theft, robbery, burglary, arson, and other crimes. Those between the ages of 13 and 15 who commit very serious or violent crimes may be prosecuted as adults in Supreme Court and subject to more serious penalties than those handled in Family Court.

The child whose case is handled in Family Court must be represented by an attorney. In such cases, a fact-finding hearing will be conducted, which is similar to a trial but without a jury. At this hearing, the facts are presented to a judge who will make a determination as to whether the crimes were committed by the child. Witnesses, police reports, and other evidence are presented. The child’s attorney may cross-examine such witnesses and may present favorable evidence and witnesses on behalf of the child. If the case against the child cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it is dismissed. If it is proven, then a dispositional hearing is scheduled, where a judge will decide whether the child needs supervision, treatment, or placement in a detention facility.

Aggressive Legal Representation from a New York Family Court Lawyer

As in the case with adults, your child will need tough, aggressive legal representation when facing accusations of a criminal nature. You will want an attorney who is experienced in handling Family Court proceedings and who can provide a sharp defense. At Brian D. Perskin & Associates, P.C. you can rely on a New York Family Court attorney from a firm whose attorneys have more than 40 years of combined experience. Let them use their extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in Family Court to help your son or daughter at this crucial juncture. A New York family law attorney at the firm can present your child’s case in an effective manner which can mitigate penalties, allow him or her to remain in your custody, or avoid other harsh consequences.

The firm serves clients in all Family Court matters throughout the metropolitan New York area, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island.

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