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A Sad Story Illustrates Why Family Attorneys Are Needed

Attorneys are the only people who are professionally obligated to protect their client's interests against the government or the police. While everyone else is answerable to the authorities, a good lawyer uses the law to answer to his or her client. Family law attorneys are especially vital in a world where government authorities have the ability to break up families and claim jurisdiction over children.

We've seen and heard too many cases where having an attorney—even the services of a free legal clinic—could have spared families so much heartache and pain. Even in situations where interactions with the law are benign and charitable, the consequences of not having an attorney are devastating.

Below, we outline one such story and how you can avoid similar circumstances.

How an Innocent Gift Tore a Family Apart

The housing crisis in San Francisco has long been pushing families out of their houses and apartments. Affordable housing is increasingly rare in the Bay Area—even small apartments are being sold for 7-figure sums. While some families are able to move away or afford a smaller place, others are not so lucky.

One homeless family in San Francisco were out on the streets during a rainy night. They had no place to stay, so four police officers pitched in and got them a hotel room for the night. It would have been an incredible act of kindness and generosity—but Child Protective Services received the police report. After determining that the parents' situation was unfit for children, the CPS took the children from their parents within 2 days of the incident.

Why They (& You) Need a Child Custody Attorney

There was no way to predict that a gift of shelter would end with the parents losing custody of their children. At the same time, everyone—no matter how poor—deserve representation. Whenever you interact with the law regarding your children, it is vital that you get legal advice as quickly as you can. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your children and your right to parent them.

Going through a child custody matter is not always an easy situation. It's important that if you find yourself going through a child custody matter that you understand the process. You need to know that you do have rights to protect and options to do so. Child custody situations are more complicated than many believe so it is in your best interest to know how to properly approach your case.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a family matter, then it is in your best interest to consult with a family law attorney. You can count on a lawyer to understand your case and know how to best resolve this matter. An attorney will always have your best interest in mind while fighting to protect your rights.

Please take some time today to contact a family law lawyer to begin discussing your case so that you can begin moving forward.

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