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Social Media May Be to Blame for Some Divorces

As if infidelity was not terrible enough, one social media website is apparently making it much easier for some people. A recent study showed that more and more married couples are being driven apart by transgressions initiated on the website.

The survey was conducted by family law attorneys in England. They found that nearly 33 percent of divorce petitions that were filed last year made some type of reference to the popular social media website. Many claimed that their significant others had either flirted with someone on the website or actually made contact with them outside of the site as well.

This figure represents a serious increase from the year before. In 2009 researchers found 20% of divorce petitions referenced the website. Based on just these two figures it is safe to say that the following years are certain to see small, if not large, percentages of divorces that were initiated by or aggravated by social media users.

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