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High Profile Couple Tries to Keep Divorce Quiet

A high profile couple has decided to keep their divorce under wraps. Despite it being very public that the two were having marital problems, both parties had resolved not to turn their divorce into a public spectacle.

It is not a surprise that their marriage ended the way it did. The husband had been accused of infidelity several years ago, an act that he tried to remedy by buying his wife an extremely expensive ring. While that may have acted as a band aid for a while, the marriage was doomed to end.

It took just one week for the wife to file the divorce papers and her husband to sign them. The details of their divorce and settlement are being kept from the press; the two have agreed to keep their divorce quiet in order to maintain a peaceful life for their two sons. Even though it is extremely difficult to keep a celebrity divorce out of the news, this couple is working hard to do just that.

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