Latest News 2012 January Government Trying to Make Child Support Payments Easier

Government Trying to Make Child Support Payments Easier

In order to help custodial parents obtain child support payments, governments are working to create easier and more efficient methods of money withdrawal.

One province has created a new system wherein parents can withdraw money by using pre-authorized debits and electronic banking. Rather than waiting for a check to be mailed to their home each week or month, the parents can withdraw the money as needed from their own bank account. Recipients will only have to wait 24 hours from when the money is deposited to access it. This is much faster than the old system of mailed checks that often caused problems and heartache.

Parents that are supposed to make the payments will be penalized if they are late. They must make the payments by a specific date in order to avoid legal and civil penalties.

Having trouble accessing the child support money you need and deserve? Now is the right time to seek help from a family law attorney.

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