Latest News 2012 April County Moves Child Support Payments to Online System

County Moves Child Support Payments to Online System

In order to help people control their child support payments, counties across the country are starting to move their records online. This allows people like residents of Stark County see payments made and received, thanks to an upgrade in software conducted. Thanks to the efforts of the state Office of Child Support and the Stark County Department of Child and Family Services, parents that either make payments or receive child support payments can check their payment history online. Instead of waiting to speak with someone during business hours only, the website portal will be open 24 hours per day, seven days a week to qualified parents.

Now parents will be able to print of a 2-year history of payments and check the last three payments made online. Personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and employment information can be accessed and changed as needed. A calendar of upcoming hearings is also included on the website. If you are hoping to obtain child support, it is advised that you work with a family lawyer that can oversee your case.

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