Latest News 2011 September County to Increase Benefits for Same Sex Partners

County to Increase Benefits for Same Sex Partners

While reviewing next year's budget, the city manager for a city in Texas discussed the possibility of including benefits for same sex partners.

The inclusion of domestic partnership benefits would apply only to those who are currently employees of the city government. Anyone who is a city employee would be able to extend their health and other benefits to the domestic partners if the budget proposal is approved. The city manager determined that this would cost an additional $300,000 to $400,000 annually, a figure that she hopes will not deter panel members from approving the measure.

One city employee, who has been in a domestic partnership for 20 years, is thrilled about the news. She added that people who work for the city who are straight, or gay, work just as hard as one another.  She said the new legislation is a positive move towards rewarding all employees, not just straight ones.

The budget will go up for approval on September 15th.

If you are involved in a same-sex relationship and would like to learn more about your rights and benefits, take the time to consult with a family law attorney in your state.