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County Takes Tough Stance on Child Support Offenders

Failing to make child support payments is not just hurtful to your children, but it could earn you some time behind bars.

One man from Strongville learned this the hard way as he was indicted on six counts of criminal non-support. According to the Prosecutor's office, the 34-year-old owes $37,641 in back payments for his two children, ages 14 and 16. The last time he made a payment was back in May 2009 for the paltry amount of $41.

This father joined nine other individuals who were also found to be criminally negligent. This charge is considered to be a fifth-degree felony, which means that anyone found guilty can be sentenced to up to one year in prison. Thanks to the efforts of the prosecutor's office and the County Child Support Enforcement Agency, the children affected by these late payments will finally start to see some of the funds they have been denied, as well as those adults who are raising them.

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