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Setting Emotions Aside Post Divorce

There are times when you may be so angry at your soon-so-be ex-spouse that you may want to use their own children against them. Not only would this be terrible for your divorce settlement but it could hurt your children badly in the process.

If you are considering playing mind games with your spouse in this manner, consider this advice from a top divorce attorney in Los Angeles. When all else fails, go to therapy. You can discuss your anger in a healthy forum without ever involving your children. The therapist may tell you to avoid buying your children large gifts in an attempt to "buy" their love, a tactic that usually just backfires in the end.

Going through a divorce is difficult but you need to conquer your emotions before they start to harm your children. If your spouse has already started seeing someone else, you will need to try and at least be cordial to that person in front of your children. Be flexible with the visitation schedule and always try to be on time when picking up/dropping off children.

If you need help with a family law related issue, such as child custody or visitation, do not wait to enlist the services of a family lawyer that is local to you.