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Notifying the court of Parental Relocation

Often times, parents assume that because they have child custody, they can leave their state without notifying the courts.  Yet, the truth is, anytime parents are relocating they need to notify the family courts.

Whether parents have joint or sole child custody, they need to make sure the courts are aware of their parental relocation.  This is due to the fact that when one parent moves and takes the children with him/her, new arrangements and terms must be made with the other parent surrounding child custody and visitation.  In some cases, parental relocation may even impact child support.

If you are planning to move and you need to address family matters such as child custody, child support and visitation with the court, you should obtain the services of a family law attorney that deal with parental relocation cases in the state where you reside.  Doing this will alleviate many obstacles and challenges you may face while trying to move with your children.