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New Terms for Child Custody & Visitation

Some states are adopting new legislation to amend the current child custody and visitation laws. Let’s use Florida as an example. In October 2008 a new law went into effect that requires divorcing parents to look at child custody and visitation in a new way. Instead of creating a child custody arrangement, all Florida parents are now required to adopt a “parenting plan.” This plan must provide a detailed description as to how the parents plan to share custody and be involved in the day-to-day duties of raising their children. This not only includes where the children will reside, but also how the parents plan to share responsibility over making decisions in regards to the children’s education, health care, religion, and other activities. The state enacted this law to ensure that children of divorced parents are able to continuing seeing and spending time with both of their parents on a regular basis.

Continuing with Florida as our example, “time sharing” is the new word applied to visitation. The law states that divorcing couples need to create a time sharing schedule that details the specific times each parent will spend with the children. Again, this is to ensure children maintain contact with both parents following a divorce. Another theory behind this law is that when parents can work together and amicably share responsibility in raising their children, it promotes a healthier family relationship overall, which as you know is in everyone’s best interest.

If you are considering filing for divorce, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is the best way to ensure your wants, needs, and concerns in regards to custody or visitation are addressed and advocated. If you are not ready to file for divorce, but are simply interested in learning more about the custody and visitation laws and guidelines in your state, click here to find a family law attorney near you!

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