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Man Arrested for not Paying Child Support

A man, who has been wanted for almost six years for violating probation for a felony non-support of a child case, has been arrested. The man is more than $48,000 behind in child support payments. He is now being held without bond as a fugitive from justice at the county jail in Phoenix.

Courts take family matters such as child support very seriously and these instances can often result in consequences such as jail time and heavy fines. It’s important that if you are dealing with a child support matter that you handle your case properly and resolve it in the best way possible. You have rights that should be protected during this difficult time and can be protected when you know how your case should be dealt with the whole time.

By working with a family law lawyer, you will be able to move forward with your case and make sure that everything is handled properly. An attorney will know what to expect with your situation and how to handle difficult court proceedings. A lawyer will fight to protect your rights while always having your best interest in mind. Please take some time to contact a family law attorney to begin discussing your case.

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