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Cheryl Cole Trying to Reach Marital Settlement

According to news sources, Cheryl Cole is trying to reach a marital settlement so she can keep the home that she and Ashley Cole share in the UK. The couple is going through a divorce, but the X Factor judge insists that she keep the home.

In her legal paperwork, Cheryl said that her husband had been unfaithful with numerous women. Now, she is trying her best to keep her home and work that term into her divorce settlement.

A friend close to Cheryl recently said, "She's not looking for a new property as she is still trying to negotiate the house in the settlement - she loves it." At this time, this factor is allegedly the only thing that is holding up the divorce.

If you need assistance with a marital settlement agreement, it is in your best interests to hire a capable divorce lawyer who can help you get the terms you desire during your divorce.