Latest News 2010 July Same-Sex Couples Sue for Domestic Partnerships in Montana

Same-Sex Couples Sue for Domestic Partnerships in Montana

Seven same-sex couples are fighting a first-of-its-kind legal battle in Montana regarding domestic partnerships. The couples who are represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are suing the state for domestic partnerships because the state currently has a constitutional amendment in place defining marriage as a heterosexual union.

The ACLU wrote in its complaint that denying same-sex couples the rights afforded to heterosexual couples "constitutes unconstitutional discrimination based on sexual orientation." Betsy Griffing, legal director of the ACLU of Montana said, "It's unfair for same-sex couples who have made commitments and formed families to be treated by the state like legal strangers."

A similar case is developing in Hawaii where same-sex couples are also denied any form of civil union. Several states have domestic partnership laws, including California, Washington, and now Nevada.

If you have questions about domestic partnerships and the rights that domestic partnerships provide and deny, find a family law attorney that practices in your state.