Latest News 2010 July Jesse James Gets Physical Custody of His Daughter

Jesse James Gets Physical Custody of His Daughter

On Tuesday, an Orange County judge ruled that Jesse James could move his daughter (Sunny) to Texas. It is believed that James would like to move to Texas in order to be closer to his former wife, Sandra Bullock.

When the decision was announced in court, it is reported that the girl's mother Janine Lindemulder began to sob hysterically. She cried out, "I can't do this… I'll move!"

Judge Thomas Schulte ruled that Jesse James would be granted physical custody of 6 year old Sunny. He said that Lindemulder would be allowed to share legal custody and be able to see Sunny once a month in California. Additionally, Lindemulder will have visitation with her daughter half of Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, as well as two-thirds of summer and spring break.

If you are going through a difficult child custody or visitation matter, it is advised that your hire a professional family lawyer as soon as possible.