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Man Sentenced with Prison Time for Delinquent Child Support

In Tampa, Florida, a 41 year old man by the name of Robert George Cahill was recently sentenced with two years in federal prison.  According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Cahill was charged with willful failure to pay child support

Aside from being served with time in prison, Cahill was ordered to pay $72,732 in past due child support for his 17 year old daughter and 13 year old son.  At this time, his children live with their mother in the state of New York.

Authorities told news sources that Cahill failed to make child support payments since April 1997.  Even though Cahill was employed and aware of his child support obligations, he made few payments voluntarily.  At times, authorities were able to extract involuntary payments from him by placing him under arrest or requiring him to pay cash bonds before he was allowed to be released from police custody. 

Police say that in the past, Cahill had to pay $300 to avoid having his driver's license suspended and also had one of his tax refunds seized.  When interviewed by federal agents in 2007, Cahill told them that he "worked under the table" to avoid paying his child support. He also told them that he knew of his child support obligations, but "just did not care."

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