Latest News 2010 January Ind. Bill Proposes Using Gambling Winnings Towards Child Support Debt

Ind. Bill Proposes Using Gambling Winnings Towards Child Support Debt

In October, reported that the state of Colorado began using gambling winnings as way for the state to collect delinquent child support payments. Now Indiana is considering a similar law under Senate Bill 163.

Under the terms of the bill, any Indiana gambler who hits a jackpot would be required to put his or her winnings towards repaying outstanding child support debt.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels believes the legislation is a good way for the state to improve its child support collections.

The casino industry, however, is not as pleased with the bill.  And although casinos would be allowed to collect a fee each time they intercept taxable gambling winnings, Mike Smith, executive director of the Casino Association of Indiana, brought up several points as to why the law does not serve the casino industry's best interest. First, the casino industry, which is privately-run, shouldn't be forced to handle a government function. Second, administrative officials estimate that it would only take two minutes to check if a gambler was delinquent in paying child support. Smith argued that not every casino is equipped with the Internet capabilities to perform a database search, and that it would likely take much longer than two minutes. Another issue: who is going to pay for the casinos to have the Internet capability needed?  The casinos? Or the government?

Needless to say, it should be interesting to see whether the bill passes. A vote come could as soon as next week.

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