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Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Divorce

Even though she has had a difficult year, including a divorce from husband Jesse James, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar and will be appearing on the silver screen once again. She will star in "Gravity" alongside George Clooney. This is the first film she will appear in since "The Blind Side" of 2009 that won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

The role is of a female astronaut that is returning to Earth after working on the Hubble telescope; it was originally meant for Angelina Jolie to play.  Once Clooney finishes the project he is currently working on, "Ides of March", shooting will begin, hopefully in March. The actor stepped in for Robert Downey, Jr. who declined the part.

This is good news for the actress who divorced from James after seven years of marriage following the scandal surrounding his infidelity. The actress also recently adopted a baby boy, Louis.

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