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Changing Your Spousal Support Agreement

Making a change in your spousal support agreement doesn't have to be a nasty battle. You can ask for alimony modification in two ways.

If the couple has maintained a friendly relationship post divorce, they might choose to change their agreement without the help of the court system. While this route is commendable it is best to get a judge to sign off on the amended version of your spousal support agreement. No matter how friendly you might be right now with your former spouse, feelings could quickly change. It is best to protect your interests now while the feelings are mutually good with a judge's signature.

Most divorced couples, however, are not as able to make a friendly decision regarding spousal support, so they must involve the court system. To make their decision, the courts will automatically examine the dependent's needs, his/her ability to contribute to that need independently, as well as the supporting spouse's ability to take care of their partner financially.

Have questions about spousal support?  Speak with a family lawyer as soon as possible.