Latest News 2010 December Battle Over Dodgers Ends in McCourt Divorce Case

Battle Over Dodgers Ends in McCourt Divorce Case

The battle over the Dodgers has finally come to an end this week as the ruling judge declared Jamie McCourt the legal winner. What this means for the future of the Dodgers is still unclear at this time and could take years to resolve.

Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon discussed in his 100-page ruling the reasons why he decided to invalidate the property agreements that Jamie and her ex-husband Frank signed in 2004 when they purchased the team together. Because there were two sets of conflicting documents, one stating that the Dodgers were his sole property and another stating the opposite, the 11-day trial was necessary to sort out the confusion.

The judge went on to say that "there was no mutual assent or meeting of the minds between (Jamie) and (Frank) when they executed the agreement. The parties had mistaken belief and no agreement as to the meaning of the agreement." However, the judge did not actually make a final decision as to who owns the Dodgers at this time, only that both documents were now to be considered null and void.

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