Latest News 2010 August Former Teacher Shoots Wife over Child Custody Battle

Former Teacher Shoots Wife over Child Custody Battle

In Alhambra, California, a former schoolteacher recently pled guilty to murdering his estranged wife. The death occurred several minutes after she left a local police station to report their child custody dispute.

On Tuesday, Aaron Raigoza reached a plea deal in Los Angeles County Superior Court that will prevent him from facing the death penalty. Instead, he will face 50 years to life for first-degree murder and a consecutive 19 year term for assault with a deadly weapon charges.

It is reported that Raigoza had been tracking his wife  Ana Acosta with a GPS.  On February 4, 2008, he shot his wife five times while she was leaving the Monterey Park Police Department.

The couple were in the process of divorcing and had two children together.

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