Latest News 2010 April Rumors Fly that Sandra Bullock Will Divorce Jesse James

Rumors Fly that Sandra Bullock Will Divorce Jesse James

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Sandra Bullock has made the decision to divorce her cheating husband, motorcycle guru Jesse James.

For weeks the public has been speculating Bullock's move as to how she plans to proceed forward after receiving the news that her husband cheated on her with not one, but allegedly four mistresses.

Bullock reportedly moved out of the home she and James share a day before the story broke that James had an affair with tattoo model and alleged Nazi sympathizer Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Since then she has managed to stay mostly under the radar, rumored to be spending time in Austin, Texas, where she owns a home and several businesses. It is now believed she is staying at another Los Angeles area home she purchased back in 2001.

If Bullock decides to move forward with the divorce, the only issue that will likely need to be resolved is division of their marital property, unless a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement was signed. It's unlikely that either James or Bullock would ask for alimony, as both make millions of dollars a year, and since they have no children together child custody & visitation will not be an issue.

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