Types of Spousal Support

Since each case differs and every divorce is unique the outcomes of them will be varying as well. To deal with the unique situations of every couple's relationship, a judge must consider the circumstances and make a verdict dependent on the facts. Issues to consider are how much both spouses make, the ability of the spouse seeking support to work and the length of time support will need to be awarded.

A judge can award spousal support either temporarily or permanently. The different types of support are rehabilitative, temporary, permanent or support in the form of a lump sum. Rehabilitative support is given with the premise that the receiving spouse will eventually be able to work and have enough income on their own. This may be an individual who is working on their education and will seek employment once they have completed their schooling. If the spouse in need of alimony is able to provide for themselves in time, a judge may order their former spouse to give them financial assistance for a temporary period of time. This is called temporary support and helps them to become self-sufficient.

Permanent support is paid continually and is usually on a monthly basis. If one spouse earns a significantly higher wage than their former spouse, they may be ordered to pay alimony permanently so the lower income spouse is able to keep the standard of living they had while married. This is dependent upon if the spouse paying alimony makes enough to do so. If a spouse has medical issues that prevent them from working, they may receive alimony either until they are able to support themselves or permanently if their illness is chronic.

Permanent support can be terminated when either spouse dies, or the spouse receiving financial assistance either remarries or is cohabitating with someone else, depending on the local alimony laws. Sometimes a lump sum is paid, meaning that all the financial support ordered is paid at once and will not be spread out over time. This can be both beneficial, or a burden since the payment is out of the way, but is a large amount of money to be paid at once. Since circumstances change, the verdict on an alimony case may be brought back to court and the issue revisited.

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