Open Adoption

There are varying forms of adoption that may be sought. Each situation differs and because of that there are different options depending on which type of adoption best fits the case. One form of adoption is known as open adoption. In this case the relationship between the adopting parents and birth parents is an open one, meaning they know who each other are, and contact may be kept between them.

In the past it was not uncommon for a mother to leave her child's adoption completely up to an agency. Today, a mother typically will meet with the prospective parents before the birth to decide whether or not she would like to transfer her parental rights to them. Due to factors such as emotional difficulty, a birth mother may choose to not have contact after the adoption, believing it is the best decision for the situation.

It is up to the parties to determine how much contact will be kept between the two and for how long it will remain. It will vary case by case and can be adjusted to fit each unique family. In some cases contact will always remain between the birth parents and adoptive parents; meaning that even once the child is born, their birth parent may be a part of their life in some way. This can be sending an email once a year or having the birth parents actively involved in the child's life. Sometimes the contact may be only from one side; the adoptive parents may update the birth parent on how the child is doing, without actually allowing them to contact the child back.

As each situation is different these guidelines should be established prior to the adoption and should be documented with a signed contract. Both the birth parents and adoptive parents should know what they want and see whether or not they can come to an agreement together. If a birth mother wishes to receive updates on her child, but the parents seeking to adopt her child do not agree to those terms, it may be a reason to seek another couple. This can also be the case for the adoptive parents who may not agree with the terms a birth mother requests.

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