Agency Adoption

An agency adoption is a very common avenue pursued by many seeking a means of adoption. Adoption agencies are used by parents wishing to adopt, and mothers looking for a loving family for their child. These agencies act as a mediator between the two parties throughout the process. The agency does a lot of the work for the couple and for the birth mother. Typically they will care for the mother during her pregnancy, while she allows them to find a family for her child. The agency will interview and thoroughly screen prospective parents, and help the birth mother choose the right match for her child.

Unlike private adoptions, which may move quicker, adoption agencies will generally have parents on a waitlist to receive a child. Many couples or pregnant mothers choose to go through an adoption agency rather than a private adoption for varying reasons. An agency is required to adhere to regulations in order to be licensed, and is monitored to help insure they are doing so. Knowing the correct procedure is being followed by the adoption agency may give more assurance to the adopting couple and birth mother.

A pregnant mother will also have greater promise that she will be taken of during the process, and that the family selected has been assessed to be a good match for her child. An agency is there to protect the interests of the mother during and after adoption has taken place. Using an agency may also be a good decision for those looking to adopt since the agency will help locate a child, make sure regulations are being met, match the family to a child, and help finalize the adoption. Typically counseling will be offered to both parties since adoption may be a highly emotional process.

An agency has a lot to offer for both groups and may be the best option depending on the case. To know what options they have, a couple seeking an adoption and a mother looking to find a home for her child should know what their states laws on adoption are. As adoption can be a difficult process, using an agency may help alleviate some of the stressors for both parties involved.

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