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Tips to Protect Your Child Through a Divorce

Did you know that out of all the children born this year, 50% will experience the divorce of their parents before they turn 18-years-old? Some of these kids will have to learn about child custody in the middle of high school; others will never experience what it's like to have both of their parents under one roof. Although it is difficult to come to terms with, some divorces are just a natural part of being human. However, there are steps that parents can take to protect their children through a divorce and beyond.

Understand This Will Be Hard for Them

Divorce is hard for children no matter how it goes down or how it shakes out across the years. When a child has to spend their time between two households, has to deal with new boyfriends or girlfriends in their parent's lives, and has to deal with all of the other aspects of divorce, it is not going to be easy for them. For this reason, divorced parents need to understand they cannot make everything right in their child's life. They can do their best to sacrifice for their children, but in the end, there will always be a small part of the child that hurts because of the divorce. If you are getting divorced, just love your kids the best you can and let them grieve for what they have lost.

Do Everything You Can to Combat Health Problems

In a scientific journal released in 1985, research showed there was a direct correlation between familial divorce and a child developing health problems. In fact, the research revealed that children of divorced parents are 50% more likely to develop health problems than children of two-parent families. There are some speculations as to why this could be true, but overall, divorced parents can help their kids fight health problems by working out with them or encouraging them to join a sport. If you choose to work out with your child, make sure to schedule fun workouts that involve kid-friendly exercises. Going to the pool, riding bikes, or even going for walks will decrease their risk of physical harm while simultaneously allowing you time to bond together. If you encourage them to join a sport, make sure you go to their games and are there to cheer them on regardless of their capabilities. Whichever approach you take—be supportive and reliable!

Let Your Kids Know You Love Them

Divorces take a lot of energy away from both spouses, and kids are often left with the dregs of their parents. Although the divorce is wearing on you, you are an adult who understands that a split is the best decision for you and your spouse. Your children, on the other hand, have probably had no time to process the decision and may even be blindsided by the divorce. For this reason, children often blame themselves for causing the divorce because they are confused as to why it occurred. In most circumstances, telling your children why the divorce occurred is probably inappropriate, so show your kids that it wasn't their fault by showering them with affection. Be strong for your kids despite the draining process of a courtroom divorce. Take care of them and make them feel special, not to spite your spouse but because you truly care for your kids. When they feel your love and affection, they will understand that the divorce had nothing to do with them, and they will be able to rest despite the new situation.

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