Featured News 2012 Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Drags On

Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Drags On

Kim Kardashian’s divorce is taking much longer than her marriage did. According to ABC News, the starlet and her ex are having a hard time concluding the divorce and attorneys want to interview Kardashian’s mother and boyfriend Kanye West before setting a trial date. Celebrity columns say that Kardashian is hoping to get hitched to Kanye West once she can officially separate from her current spouse, Kris Humphries. The couple created Hollywood mayhem when they decided to divorce after a mere 72 days of matrimony. Their married life was kicked off with a luxurious televised wedding.

Kris Humphries told the Los Angeles Superior Court that it would be at least four months before he would be able to complete a discovery and depositions and be ready for trial. He also told the judge that his wife hasn’t helped to speed things along. He told E! Magazine that his wife and her family have not made the process easier, though he wanted to refrain from using the word uncooperative. The judge wants to obtain business records from Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, and says that he won’t depose her until he sees the records.

As well, the judge is seeking information from the companies that produce the Kardashian reality TV shows in an effort to prove that the couple’s marriage was actually a fraud. Some suspect that the couple did not actually legally tie the knot in the ceremony, and that the entire wedding was a Hollywood stint for fame and attention. If this is the case, then divorce won’t be needed because the marriage would not actually be considered valid. The judge also plans to depose 33 witnesses. Among them is Kanye West.

Kardashian’s attorney for the divorce, Laura Wasser, has complained that West was served with a summons from Humphries attorneys by a strange individual who said he had a box for the rapper. The odd exchange has caused Kardashian’s lawyer to express concern about the conditions. Wasser said that she would have given West’s attorneys name to Humphries representatives if they had asked her, and didn’t understand why the summons was served so eerily. Wasser says that she is frustrated that the divorce is taking so long. Kardashian and her husband were married only a little over three months and had a prenuptial agreement. She says that a marriage that was this brief and was already accommodated for in a prenuptial agreement should not be so complicated to dissolve.

Already, Wasser says that Kardashian has incurred $250,000 in legal fees. She plans to bill Humphries for all of these expenses. Wasser said that she is certain that they will ask for every cent back from Humphries for the quarter of a million dollars in court costs. Both Kardashian and her lawyer are blaming the NBA star for the hold-up. The couple was married in August of 2011, and Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband on the following Halloween. She cited irreconcilable differences on the filings and declared that they had a prenuptial agreement to abide by.

A month later, Humphries came back saying that he wanted a legal separation or an annulment instead. He made no mention of the prenup. This filing has yet to be resolved. An annulment makes it as if the marriage never happened, and often comes with no financial or social obligations to the ex-spouse at all. Normally, this is a viable option in shorter marriages like this one. If your divorce case has been dragged out, then maybe you need a new attorney. Contact a family law attorney using this directory to get some fresh new legal aid for your case!

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